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Width is approximatly 4.5" x


Choose from 6 lengths;

One number, Choose size 4.5x6"- Price $40.00
Two numbers, Choose size 4.5x10"- Price $75.00
Three numbers, Choose size 4.5x14"- Price $100.00

Four numbers, Choose size 4.5x18"- Price $125.00

Five numbers, Choose size 4.5x22"- Price $145.00


A very attractive sunflower is peeking out of the top left for a hint of a design. Hand painted on a white strong porcelain, frost proof plaque. Perfect for any climate. Your numbers will be 4" high and hand painted in the same color as the border.


Border colors;  blue, red, black, brown, green or wine.


Enjoy Free Ground Shipping In The US.

Sole giallo- Width 4.5"

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